The Benefits of Sit Stand Workstations

A new type of work station is swiftly making its way into businesses all across the world with its inherent ergonomic benefits. Ergonomists have long recognized the benefits of postural changes for many years now, and with this concept in mind, sit stand workstations are quickly becoming a must-have option for workers everywhere. These workstations allow for both sitting, standing, or a combination of both depending on the workers preference. With the option for sitting or standing, workers can quickly transfer from the sitting to the standing position throughout their shifts with minimal effort. As more people recognize the benefits of standing, the demand for sit stand workstations has dramatically increased. What was once a scarce item to find is now an affordable option with new product innovations being introduced each year. Sit stand workstations have numerous benefits including improved health, increased productivity, increased flexibility, and affordable pricing.


Working at a typical computer desk forces the user to use the same set of muscles and joints on a consistent basis. The cumulative damage caused by sitting in a fixed position for eight hours or more a day is not only a threat to your physical health, but also to productivity. Research indicates sedentary sitting contributes to health issues and may even reduce lifespan. Contrarily, other studies have proven that changing positions throughout the day can help keep physical stress and work-related injuries from occurring. This can easily be achieved with a sit stand workstation that allows you to determine when your body needs to take a break from sitting and move to the standing position. Standing helps avoid the compression of the spine that can occur from long-term sitting, reducing the risk of back pain. Not only does standing reduce back pain and other work related strains, but it also helps stop obesity. Standing burns more calories than sitting and can assist with weight control.


Often times while working people may find themselves concentrating more on the aches and pains they are experiencing from sitting in a poorly designed office chair than their actual work they need to be focusing on. This not only leads to unproductive employees but also leads to unhappy employees which ultimately leads to a higher turn over rate and a low employee retention rate. Having the ability to stand increases energy, improves your thought process, and encourages Diseño de stands team work. It also engages your mind; movement and activity that requires skill and balance not only helps our aging bodies but requires us to concentrate. Movement also increases circulation, providing a better blood flow to the brain for an improved attention span.


One of the greatest benefits sit stand stations provide is increased flexibility in movement and positioning. When seated in an office chair, it requires one to exert energy and effort to stand up when needed. On the other hand, it requires little energy and transition to go from a seated to standing position with the help of sit stand stools and drafting chairs. Drafting chairs are essentially office chairs with foot rings and an extended cylinder that are specifically designed for extended height desks. They are commonly found at sit stand stations and are typically a more affordable choice than more specialized sit stand stools. Ergonomic sit stand stools with seat angle adjustment allow the user to effortless transition for the seated to the standing position in a quick fashion that can not be achieved with a traditional office chair. Standing encourages a more dynamic approach which carries over to seated working.

Affordable Pricing

Sit stand work stations and desks have historically been somewhat scarce and expensive, with limited options available. Expensive pricing and limited supply is now a thing of the past. As more people become introduced to the sit stand workstation and realize the benefits of standing, the demand for sit stand stations has sky rocketed, and so has the supply and market innovation. Prices are slowly coming down with the amount of amount of competition all working against each other to provide customers with the most affordable seating solution. Sit stand stools are also becoming an increasingly desired seating option for sit stand work stations and are also becoming a more affordable option. They are around $300 which is less in comparison to an ergonomic chair you’d need for a typical computer desk.

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