Sales Follow-Up: How to Fix Sales Follow-Up Failure

If you think your prospective client wakes up thinking about buying from you, then go back to sleep! Or you can take control and finally fix your follow-up failure.

Take a look at your leads – now – from your email promotions, from your networking in person or online, from referrals, or anywhere.

With so many options to stay in touch these days – email, telephone, greeting cards, postcards, mobile text, fax (yes that is still around) – you have little excuse about why you can’t help your customer with their decision to buy or not.

First, recognize your follow-up faux pas and start fixing what is your fault anyway.

You don’t follow-up.This has got to be the most egregious instance of follow-up failure. You are either arrogant or living in a dream world if you think that needing to get back in touch with you is what keeps your prospective clients awake at night. Oh sure, every once in a while, your timing and presentation were spot on. The prospect’s pain was so unbearable that you are there at the right time and they – wake up thinking about calling you to get going with your offer.

It’s just that this isn’t the norm. It’s up to you to make the next move. Stop thinking you are on the top of their mind because you’re not. Start listening to them so you can plan everything about your follow-up practices so you will be.

You don’t want to bother people.If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it hundreds of times. What I think is at the heart of this belief is a focus on ourselves instead of the prospect.

Your marketing gets you to sales and selling. Sales are what a product or service results in, in exchange for some compensation. Selling is you acting to get the client involved in a relationship with you, whether online or in person, to make a decision to buy or not to buy from you.

But, we often focus on the sale, instead of helping the prospective client make a decision to get what you have to solve a problem. It’s like you want to use your computer and come to find out, you don’t have it plugged in and powered up. No wonder we feel like follow-up is bothering someone. When someone doesn’t return our call or email, we start with a lot of self-talk that kills our motivation to continue to be of help: “Gosh, they didn’t call back so I guess they’re not interested.” “They’re probably talking with someone else now.”

What if, just what if, instead of having at the top of your mind, “I want this sale,” you focus on, “I want to help this customer decide if what I have to sell with help them with their problem”? How can you feel like you are bothering someone when you are thinking about helping him or her?

You only follow-up saying, “So are you ready now?”Make me gag. Actually, don’t even bother with follow-up if the only thing you can say, with the greatest reluctance is “Are you ready to buy?”

Recently a specialist in crawl space waterproofing showed me my own formula for follow-up in the way tutorial comprar seguidores he stayed in touch. He picked up on clues that I liked email and so that was his main form of checking in with me – this shows personal attention. Check.

He knew I was going to research things further on my own and his first follow-up suggested a website for a non-partisan comparison report – this added value. Check.

His third email was a call to action but not that weak kind of sales “Are you ready yet?” Instead he asked, “When would be a good time for you to talk again to ask about your findings and where we stand?” Getting a decision. Check.

That’s a follow-up formula that gets sales results.

You don’t understand what follow-up means to your business. Whether it’s a prospect or a new sale, follow-up is the easiest thing you can do so that your competition is left in your dust.

When you have a purposeful value added approach to follow-up you are building a relationship, building trust and helping a prospective client make a decision. It might be the introvert in me but most of the time I follow-up purposefully and systematically. No; I’m not perfect at it but it sure does get better results. Hey, even an introvert is human! My point it’s worth my time to deepen a relationship. It gives more opportunities to ask relevant questions, listen, then refine a strategy and all the while building trust.

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