Trade Show Magicians – Can Help Your Business

Trade show magicians may be able to help you boost sales.

Increasing the number of potential clients that visit your stand at a trade show is of prime concern to any marketing manager. With many companies and competitors competing for delegates attention it can be hard to stand out. Using trade show magicians is one way of offering something new and interesting which will have people flocking to your stand.

What can trade show magicians do?
OK a magician can stand in front of your exhibition and perform tricks to gain attention before passing them on to your sales staff! I don’t recommend this! Think of it from the clients point of view, they are in a hurry, at the event to gain knowledge about the products and services. This is not a social situation where people have time to chat. The trade show magicians will look out of context and it will not add value.

It’s all in the planning!
In the past I would agree to work on a stand only to find the company had put no thought into how they would like to utilise my skills. “Oh just stand there and do tricks” the manager would say. “Why?” I wanted to reply.

I honestly believe that if you use trade show magicien Nice magicians properly they can be one of the most successful sales techniques you can find. However, you need to plan!

Give the magician height! The problem with working in front of a stand is that you can only build a crowd two people deep. Give your performer a one foot platform and they can build a crowd ten of fifteen people deep.

What information do you want to get across? Trade show magicians can use tricks to get information out to potential clients. Within their presentations they can explain key concepts or price plans. They can encourage people to take literature or speak to sales staff.

Who are your potential customers? If you know which customers you are trying to attract your magicians can identify them for you. Because a magicians presentation is interactive we can talk to potential clients and identify which ones are best suited to your product. We can then make this clear to your sales staff so that once the show is over they can move in and talk to the right people.

How does it work?
Regularly throughout the day trade show magicians make a short presentation which gains the attention of delegates and attracts them to your stand. During the show the magician identifies those who are best suited to your product and makes this clear to your sales staff. When the show finishes your staff know which ones to approach.

Things to avoid
Make sure that you only use trade show magicians when the footfall is high. If you have four sales staff and four potential customers arrive at the stand all your magician can do is get in the way of a sale. In this situation a professional magician will stand back and do nothing. After all you are there to sell not entertain. When the footfall is high trade show magicians become indispensable.

Make sure the magician knows what you want. If you don’t have a marketing plan for your magician then don’t use one. You must work out what you want to achieve by using a conjurer.

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