Playground Safety

Playgrounds are great places for kids to run around with friends, expend energy, and just enjoy themselves. They offer up a lot of joy for young children and often times, the variety of equipment found in these areas can keep them entertained for a long while. However, despite all the benefits that a playground presents, there are also several dangers that are associated with these areas of fun. You as a parent or supervisor must familiarize yourself with playground safety so that your kids can have the safest and most enjoyable time possible when they are in these recreational areas.


Probably the largest measure that you can take regarding the safety of your children on the playground is to provide constant supervision over them as they play. Make sure that they only play on age-appropriate equipment and always watch to ensure that they do not become entangled in rope-like features, such as swings. If you see your child climbing on something that could pose a danger, safely carry him or her down 안전놀이터to lower ground.

Structure Safety

While many playgrounds these days have been upgraded to include more child-friendly components and materials, there are still plenty of recreational areas with potentially hazardous equipment and structures. Inspect any features that you feel may pose a threat to your child. Watch for equipment that may be cracking, splintering, or have sharp extrusions. Make sure that your child avoids these items. Also ensure that the surfaces are relatively soft, secure, and child-safe. If there are loose mats that may pose slipping hazards or a lack of cushioned surfacing beneath the play equipment, then make sure your child stays off the playground.

Other Children

While playgrounds are wonderful places for your child to interact in a positive manner with other children, they can also pose as safety hazards, too. Watch as the kids play, and make sure that over-the-top rough play does not occur. When your children come home, wash their hands to keep them from catching any illness they may have encountered while on the playground.

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