Different Types of Flowering Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are ornamental and beautiful, especially when flowering. These flowering cherry trees are some of the most beautiful sights to see. Let’s examine different types of flowering cherry trees and show you what to look for when looking for these types of flowering cherry trees.

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Our first pick of the cherry trees is the Okrame Cherry. This beautiful tree has beautiful pink flowers and is usually the first flower of Spring. This tree is very adaptable to both soil and climate. It reaches maturity at 20-30 feet and its leaves change in the fall as well. It grows well in zones 6 – 9. Most areas in the country can grow this particular tree.

Our next subject is the Weeping Barbados Flowering Bonsai tree. While this is not an outdoor tree per se, it is a bonsai named after Malpighia, who was a respected naturist from Italy. This species is native to Trinidad and Curacao. This miniature tree grows from 7″ to 9″. This is a beautiful flowering cherry tree which has beautiful pink blossoms and our rose pink in color. Yoshino Cherry is our next flowering cherry tree to look at. This particular cherry tree is the star of the Washington trĂ¡i cherry, DC area during springtime and blooms with snow white blossoms. This grows well in zones 5 – 8. This particular tree is drought resistant and adapts to soil conditions. Most areas in the country can grow this particular tree as well. It usually stands about 20-30 feet.

Autumn Cherry blooms in both spring and fall. This is a beautiful flowering cherry tree that stands 30-40 feet in height and produces delicate snow white blooms. It blooms in both spring and fall, when others would be dormant. This grows in areas 4-8, which includes most of the United States. Kwanzan Cherry is our next tree to look at. This beautiful flowering cherry tree is usually 30-40 feet when mature. Its blossoms are pink and there are double blooms on each tree. This grows in areas 5-9 and is considered to be one of the hardiest of the cherry trees. This tree also has a drought resistance.

Now we are looking at the Weeping Cherry, one of the most stunning visual trees. This flowering cherry tree is about 20-30 feet and is a relatively new addition to some areas. It produces beautiful white blossoms and is a unique species. This is a wonderful tree to have and it grows in areas 5- 9. This is considered to be a specialty tree and its uniqueness is guaranteed to be a show stopper. These are just some of the beautiful flowering cherry tree species that are available nationwide. Each one has its own distinctive beauty and will make an excellent addition to yards and parks.

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