Canine Diabetes Herbal Treatment For Dog Diabetes

Diabetes in canines is pretty much the same as with human diabetes-it is inconvenient and potentially crippling. While most diabetes mellitus cases are caused by inherited abnormalities in the dog’s system-there are ways wherein you can manage the dog’s condition well. When you do, you are bestowing on him the great gift of a normal and happy life despite the disease.

The main proponents of an effective dog diabetes Reversirol treatment are: regular insulin therapy, monitored exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Insulin injections are needed because the very nature of this disease is the deficiency of insulin production in the body. Find out the proper way of handling and storing these medications if you’re planning to do it yourself. Exercise aids in the better absorption of insulin-thus improving the blood sugar levels of the canine.

A healthy diet ensures that the animal receives all the nutrients it can get to boost his immune system-equipping the canine to keep infections and other diseases that can aggravate his condition at bay. An overweight dog is more prone to diabetes so careful monitoring of substances and calories is vital to the canine’s health.

Because diabetes is so prevalent in the dog communities, studies are constantly being made to improve the way we deal with this ailment. An effective canine diabetes herbal treatment can actually be available for the responsible pet owner that will further improve the diabetic canine’s chances of having a better quality of life.

What are some of the natural ingredients that are helpful to this particular disease? Chromium successfully balances cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body. Karela is renowned for helping stimulate insulin production-an ability shared by the herbs Gurmar and Bilberry. Bilberry is also attributed to improving circulatory systems-an important factor in diabetes maintenance.

Bejak is a common ingredient found in natural diabetes supplements. It reduces glucose in the blood and aids various urinary problems. A healthy urinating habit as well as a strong bladder is valuable to the diabetic animal. Cinnamon is found to be an excellent substitute for insulin. You can dust this over his meals but be careful not to add too much or the smell might turn the dog off.

Vinegar is said to help in improving medications and the dog diabetes treatment. Include a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the dog’s water dish regularly. As mentioned earlier, dogs that exceed their healthy weight are more susceptible to diabetes. Mix in a few teaspoons of grapefruit juice to your dog’s water to help him reduce weight. Grapefruit is known as an effective weight management ingredient that can be used for diabetic dogs.

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