The RCM Piano Examinations: A Systematic Approach To Mastering The Piano

The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations are a series of graded music exams that offer a methodical and progressive way of mastering your instrument. The Royal Conservatory of Music is based in Toronto, Canada and founded in 1886 as the Toronto Conservatory of Music.

The Conservatory is a world-class institution known for its high standards in teaching and performance, and (according to the RCM) has reached more than a 500,000 candidates each year by offering them graded performance examinations, internationally recognized certificates and diplomas, as well as teacher development lam bang gia.

A Brief Overview of the RCM Exams

The RCM exams include not only the performance aspect of one’s music training, but music theory, harmony and analysis, music history, musicianship and piano pedagogy (teaching). Currently, the RCM examinations are offered to students studying various instruments including voice, piano, strings, woodwind brass, speech arts and drama, percussion, organ, harpsichord, guitar and accordion.
The NMCP Examinations

The RCM examinations extended into the United States of America in 2003. The National Music Certificate Program (NMCP) functions as a division of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and presently provides music students in America the equivalent music exams and education based on the curriculum of the renowned RCM.

The NMCP exams practical and music theory examinations are conducted several times each year for music students in America using the RCM’s internationally acknowledged and progressive assessment program. According to NMCP, more than 100, 000 candidates participte each year for these music exams.

Mastering the Instrument: A Progressive Musical Journey

The RCM examinations together with the NMCP examinations outline a logical path towards mastering one’s instrument. A candidate who is committed to begin and finish the entire ‘journey’ of training that is the RCM and NMCP exams will acquire a thorough music education in practical performance and music theory. This course starts with two preparatory levels, and proceeds to Grades 1 through 10.

Candidates who seek additional training can decide to climb up higher up the achievement ladder by studying for and attempting the Associate of the Royal Conservatory (Toronto), or ARCT in either Piano Pedagogy (Piano Teaching) or Piano Performance.

The ARCT in Piano Pedagogy concentrates on reinforcing the qualifications and teaching strategies of a private piano teacher.

Candidates who prepare for the ARCT in Piano Performance aim towards achieving higher standard of performance in their instrument and perform at the level of a concert pianist.

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