Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Want a Vietnam travel guide? Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country rich in history, culture, lakes, rivers and bustling metropolitan cities. Hanoi, formerly known as Saigon, pays tribute to the revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a massive marble statue known as the “Master of Vietnam.” Ho’s statue can be found on Hanoi’s Grand Hall. The Củ Chi Tunnels, which connect the Grand Hall to the Old Town and other areas of Vietnam, are another impressive sight, with the famous seven-star hotels lining the exits.

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The primary language spoken in Vietnam is Vietnamese, although English is widely spoken here as well. If you are traveling from North America, Canada or Europe, make sure to visit Hanoi before your trip, as visa requirements and customs procedures may differ from those required when traveling from Asia. For those traveling from southern parts of the Philippines, it is best to visit Vietnam before heading to Hanoi; there are enough historical sites to be explored in Vietnam without having to spend valuable time getting an Asia-Vietnam connection. Hanoi’s ancient capital of Hanoi is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and many of Hanoi’s ancient temples and mosques can be visited on foot. Other must-see sites include Hanoi’s Science Centre and the Vietnamese National Museum vietnamjour.com.

Vietnam travel guide writers have documented the sights, sounds and tastes of Vietnam to produce a unique travel experience. Most guides focus on a particular segment of Vietnam, such as the Mekong Delta, or the Gulf of Tonkin. However, if you choose to travel throughout Vietnam, you will most likely come across all of the major regions mentioned in this article. Here is a short list of the areas you should consider when traveling Vietnam:

Ho Chi Minh City: Vietnam’s most famous city, Ho Chi Minh City, offers tourists a window into Vietnam’s ancient culture. While at Ho Chi Minh City, be sure to pay attention to Vietnam’s largest street, the central boulevard. Here, vendors sell everything from herbs and vegetables to shoes and jewelry. In addition to Ho Chi Minh City, other must-visit cities include the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi; Ha Long Bay, another historic area; and the Mekong Delta, which lie between the Mekong and the Tonkin River.

Ha Long Bay: This famous bay on the eastern part of Vietnam is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. The seascape is spectacular, and there are plenty of great restaurants and nightspots to enjoy along the way. Some travelers recommend that a trip to Ha Long Bay to be made during the summer months, as the temperature is mild and refreshing. Other travelers however, caution that it can become very hot, and experience a blistery and humid ride home!

The dry season in Vietnam is between April and May. Although the rainy season can extend into June. Because Vietnam is a country with a large variety of climates, the best time to visit Vietnam is no matter what the climate. Even if you are visiting during the hottest parts of the year, there is still a good chance for you to have an enjoyable vacation.

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