Ace King May Cost You Chips If Played Incorrectly

In no limit Texas Holdem your opponents are 에이스홀덤 attempting to put you on a range of hands to determine whether or not they should hold ’em or fold ’em. If you only raise with premium hands such as ace king your opponents have a much better shot of taking a large pot from you if you miss the flop. Let’s take a look at an example.

Typically you only fold or call pre-flop. Suddenly you wake up with ace king offsuit and raise three times the big blind. Not a huge raise but its enough to scare away most of your competition. Flop comes three eight nine of spades. You hold the King of spades. Your opponent checks it over to you, you follow with a pot sized bet, then he pushes all in. At this point you’re left with a decision. Are you ahead with ace high or are you way behind and your opponent has read your hand perfectly?

Let’s say there’s 30 chips in the pot and your opponent has made it another 60 to go. Now there’s a total of 90 chips in the pot. You’re risking your entire stack on either ace high or a draw. Not exactly the best place to find yourself at, especially in a tournament. But there are a few ways to avoid landing in a situation like this.

The first thing you can do is start raising more consistently before the flop. Extend out your range of hands to more than aces, kings, ace king, ace queen, and queens. The more often you throw raises out there the less likely your opponent will be able to put you on a hand, eliminating situations such as this one.

Option two would be to avoid betting if you don’t catch on the flop. Your opponent may allow you to draw to a better hand, in which case you will be ahead and can start betting again. Being that you bet out pre-flop your opponent will be less inclined to throw out a bet immediately, giving you control of the hand and a free card.

Your third option is to avoid betting the flop against opponents you don’t recognize or don’t have notes on. The better your read on an opponent the more likely you can take their chips, or avoid losing yours with hands such as ace king. Wild card opponents are always harder to play against than an opponent you’ve been playing for awhile. You understand their range as well and know when they’re making a move on you or actually have a strong hand.

Your final option would be to push all in and hope for the best. If your opponent has made a flush in the example above but isn’t holding the ace you have 7 outs to draw out on him for a better flush. If he’s holding the ace of spades but hasn’t made his flush yet nor has he made a pair, you need to dodge a total of 11 cards in the deck (the eight remaining spades and the three cards that will pair his kicker) to win the pot. Now if he’s made a pair but doesn’t have an ace you have a total of 15 outs to take down the pot with either a pair of aces, kings, or the king high flush. With so many possibilities its essential to have a good read on your opponent, which is why it’s important not to push against an opponent you don’t have a read on.

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