The Psychological Effects of Product Packaging

If a customer knows what he or she is looking for, and enters your store or visits your website knowing you have it, you will most likely make a sale. For the other hundred or so people you hope will purchase your product, this is not the case. For example, if customers are looking for a digital camera online, they won’t spend much time seeking a reputable online store. The store that is able to effectively present its products will almost always make the sale. This is because customers trust quality packaging more than they trust low prices.

Companies that sell products in a traditional store already make use of sophisticated packaging techniques: packaging is their interface with their customers. Websites often neglect this and continue to package their products in the same manner, rather than spending money on PPC or SEO campaigns. The way your product is packaged can have a huge impact on your customers. In a store, this includes the shape, size and color of the packaging and any text that is included on the box.

Your entire website becomes your online store, from your initial home page right down to your order form. If a customer does not like a single element of your page, chances are he or she will buy the product elsewhere. Customers are attracted to various different packaging variations. Consequently, knowing the psychological effects of packaging on your market can greatly enhance your sales. Some markets respond better to certain colors. Larger packaging usually sells better than smaller packaging, depending on the price. Silver and metal tones are incredibly effective when selling technology products.

Color is, of course, the most important factor in product packaging. A doll for girls will obviously sell better in a pink box than a green one. In the 80s, green was simply package design company not used in snack food packaging until Snackwells decided to incorporate it into their packaging. Their healthy products became an instant marketing success. Customers are attracted to both the new and the familiar. People will normally continue to purchase the same brand of laundry detergent their entire life. The packaging of their brand is so familiar and comforting to them among the other multi-colored products that they fail to notice any other brands.

If you are selling your product on a website, recent studies have confirmed once again that content is king. Pure text, accompanied by small images which can be enlarged, can do wonders to sell a product. When you pick up a product in a store and consider purchasing it, the first thing you do is turn it over to see what the packaging reveals about the product. On your website, you have almost unlimited space to tell people about your product, so be sure to use it! One recent study revealed that a page offering a product with a lot of text content generated 40% more conversions than a page offering the same product with very little text.

On a basic level, customers visit your website expecting more than just your product. They want you to sell the product to them. Constructing a detailed psychological profile of your market is the first step towards designing a product packaging that will target your desired market effectively. Make sure you know the kind of people who are looking for your product and learn which different packaging options are available. This will help you to design packaging that attracts customers and encourages them to buy.

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