3rd Grade Math Games Help Kids Master Necessary Skills

By the time kids reach 3rd grade, math has moved on from simple addition and subtraction to more difficult multiplication and division concepts that require a solid grasp of basic math facts and skills. Without this foundation, it’s hard for kids to make sense of the math problems they’re asked to do, leaving them frustrated and confused. Since math is one of the building blocks of academic success, additional tools such as online math games can help get kids on track.

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Reinforce Previous Concepts

It’s important to make sure that kids understand the building blocks of a subject before moving on to new ideas. 3rd grade math requires a grasp of far more than just numbers and the relationships between them. Kids need to know and fully understand addition and subtraction before being introduced to multiplication. A little review of these previously taught concepts never hurts, and that’s where online math games can come in handy. Rather than sitting with a textbook and going back over an idea that they’ve already learned, kids can receive the same overview in the form of an entertaining, interactive lesson Cours particuliers Maths.

Emphasize Skill Building

In any academic subject, skills build upon each other as a child learns. If even one math concept has a child lost or confused, they’ll have a hard time understanding the next thing that they’re meant to be learning. It’s important to put emphasis on skill building at an early age so that, by the time they reach 3rd grade math, kids have the foundation necessary to begin learning and mastering more complex concepts. A knowledge of math facts is key at this level, especially when it comes to multiplication. In order to come to a full understanding of these facts, kids need to be proficient in addition and subtraction. Both of these processes involve a clear understanding of how numbers work together, a skill which can be tested and reinforced through the use of math games and interactive learning tools.

Prepare Kids For Higher Math

Just as learning addition and subtraction get kids ready to grasp multiplication and division, the concepts introduced in 3rd grade math lay the foundations for even more complex ideas that will be introduced in future grades. Ensuring that kids have a clear understanding of math at the elementary level means that they’ll be able to move on to math in middle school and high school without a problem. If kids pay attention in school and receive any extra help that they need, chances are good that they will understand and retain the concepts necessary to succeed with math. Including online math games as part of academic instruction offers extra insurance in the form of engaging learning tools that kids will remember as they progress through school.

The use of online math games at home or in school helps to give kids the academic edge they need to succeed in 3rd grade math. Through interactive lessons, individualized pacing and visual reinforcement of math concepts, kids can literally see what they’re learning and gain a fuller understanding of skills that they’ll be using both in school and in everyday life.

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