Best Acne Scarring Solution? Hint – You Need to Rejuvenate (Renew) Your Scarred Skin Cells!

Since you’re reading this article you’re aware that acne scarring is the aftermath of when acne actually heals and disappears. But what is the best acne scarring solution without having to have surgery or pay through the nose?

Since I’ve been researching acne scarring, I’ve found that there are lots of different products on the market with some very bold claims. But before you spend any money I think the first solution would be to determine the severity of you scars.

#1 If You Have Mild Acne Scars

If you have mild acne scars then the best acne scarring solution for you will probably lie in an ointment treatment. Most ointment treatment focus on getting rid  Derma Prime Plus of dead skin cells lying on the top layer of your skin and then mildly ‘bleaching’ the scarred affected area.

ZenMed are a professional recognised company which specialise in scar treatment kits. These kits tend to be a two-step process and should clear or at least reduce acne scars within a few weeks.

#2 If You Have Severe Acne Scars

If you have deep rooted scars then the best acne scarring solution for you would be either a chemical peel or the use of a derma roller.

Chemical Peels: These come in many different concentrations and strengths depending how deep rooted the scar is. Home chemical peels are available today and there are even chemical peels specifically for acne scars and blackheads.

Derma Roller: These are great little devices! A derma roller is a skin-needling device which mildly punctures the top later of your skin forcing the production of collagen.

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