How to Catch Your Perfect Match

Men seem to put a lot of stock into facts, figures and logic. Something they can sink their teeth into and cite at will 相睇公司. I’m with them all the way, though I am a female: irrational, emotional and irascible, by default of the stereotype of my kind. When it comes to stereotypes, though, the ideas that men have about attracting and dating women are usually way off-base. It’s not their fault- women and the magazines they ride in on tout “personality over personal finance,” and “a sense of humor defeats stability, every time”. Trying to conform to a stereotype is a lose-loser situation for any chance at a propitious propagation of human-kind. That’s putting it lightly.

Here’s the truth, gents, if you want it: there is no general preference 香港婚姻介紹所推薦. There are women out there who completely lack any iota of humor, dry or otherwise; women whose own personality is less than one-dimensional; and women who have absolutely no craving for a man’s third appendage. Just like life, try as you might, there are no guarantees. We’re all bound to strike out in romance at some point.

So how come there are some men who score effortlessly, and others that couldn’t pick up a woman who’s tossing him lifelines at record speed? If you buy into the hype, the perfect pick-up lines will woo your way into her attentions (“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” being a personal fave). Some courses are available to teach you how to speak to women match agency. One has a three-month course, the first two of which are focused on the first three minutes. Two months, three minutes. I’ll let you do the math. While it may help, it isn’t the under-lying reason.

Blame Science and Psychology, or at least understand it if you want to get your groove on. Sad but true (see, I told you rational thought and logic would be involved). It turns out the ear and eye-spacing distances, attached or no earlobes and finger-lengths are involved. What?? We, apparently, can skim a room with a glance and subconsciously ‘read the room’. Our brains and bodies are pre-programmed to be attracted to a set type- which is why, as rumor has it, we can ‘fall in love at first sight’. Add to that the fact many psychologists agree with the theory that our erotic impulses are fully-formed by the age of 5. It doesn’t have to be Oedipus, but possibly a friend at day-care or even a childhood neighbor could have been the apple of her eye. That’s her type, and always will be.

Don’t feel discouraged, though. It actually opens the playing field for you. It means you’ve got a fighting chance against those impossibly pretty men, Pec-boy and his sidekick Perky-Package. You might have the perfect eye-spacing of an inch-and-a-half, that flies directly past them, into the attraction section of her frontal lobe. Not to mention the fact that there are pluses that you can do to make yourself even more sexy. Bathing regularly, for starters. A good cologne can wobble the legs with a mere waft. And being yourself- not re-molding to fit into some sort of myth that you’ll never be able to live up to. If there is something that constantly holds you back, you can discuss it out at a good dating forum. They say there’s someone out there for everyone- which, believe it or not, my logic tells me is true. It all adds up.

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