Trends in Road Freight Transport Market During the Forecast Period

Road freight refers to any kind of road transportation, which involves locomotives, trucks, carrier trucks, and other vehicles. Road freight is defined when a person hails at a point between two destinations (places of loading/unloading by a single vehicle). Road freight is usually a parcel of freight transportation but can also be a combination of freight as per the requirement. It may also be referred as courier service. Road freight is extensively used by cargo brokers and companies who need to transport consignments/goods/services etc. to various points in various countries.

Road freight transport

Road freight transport service providers use either express or non-express modes of road transport for carrying the goods. The goods may be transported either by land route or by air. There are various kinds of goods that need to be transported by road freight transport services and you can decide on the mode of transportation depending upon the nature and size of the goods. Normally the goods that need to be transported are those, which are extremely large in size and which are moved from one point to another by road. There are various kinds of goods, which are transported through road freight transport service providers.

Some of the common goods that are transported via road freight transport service are: foodstuffs/meats, household products, chemicals, coal, iron ore, glass etc. The major components, which are exposed to significant amounts of Co2 emission during transportation are: fuel, co2 gas, lubricants, air etc. When these components reach their destination, they have to be neutralized by using oxygen. The most efficient way to deodorize these components is by using a variety of chemicals that includes: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, chlorine dioxide, bromine, nitrogen etc. All of these chemicals are very effective in removing the excess Co2 emission from the trucks.

It is important to note that the emission level depends upon the driving habits of the truck driver. Also, the type of vehicle and the distance that need to be covered to determine the level of Co2 emission. If the distance travelled is more than 50 miles, then it is recommended to use co2 detectors to monitor the level of Co2 emission. If the truck driver is using an efficient truck that has a powerful diesel engine, then the truck will definitely produce less Co2 emission while transporting the load.

There are various business models, which can be adopted in order to reduce the Co2 emission levels in the truck tons of fuel. One of the efficient business models is to use truck platooning. In this model, one truck is assigned to each load and the driver has to alternate the trucks, so as to cover the maximum number of miles per trip.

TruckPLanetax is a software that is being used successfully by truck manufacturers all over the world to manage the truckloads of goods with optimal levels of service and the lowest level of cost in transportation. The use of a computer software enables the manufacturers to set parameters for the service and to identify problems like uneven loading or slow-down during transport. This enables them to optimize their efficiency levels and at the same time, reduce fuel emissions. It also reduces the level of CO2 emission in road freight transportation. Other benefits of road freight transportation include energy neutrality, increased security, and improved logistics procedures.

According to the World Bank, in the last decade, the road freight transportation market during the forecast period has experienced positive growth of about 5%. This means that almost half of all the tonnage moved by road in the world is moved by trucks. Moreover, trucks play a major role in stabilizing the price levels of crude oil. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Japan, the road freight transport market during the forecast period is seeing a continual and steady increase. In the European Union, the road freight transport market is seeing growth of around 4%.

One of the reasons behind this growth is the adoption of intelligent logistics by truck manufacturers which enable them to foresee changes in consumer demand, which in turn, enables them to modify their business strategies accordingly. The introduction of ultra high-tech systems by truck manufacturers in recent years has also resulted in considerable changes in the way they handle their business. These changes are resulting in better customer satisfaction, increased profitability, environmental responsibility and energy combinations. These factors are seen as important drivers of the road freight transport market during the forecast period.

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