Are You Really Serious About Your Weight Loss Goals?

Are you serious about weight loss? If you want permanent results, being able to follow a healthy and natural weight loss plan is the only way. There are no shortcuts.

Ask most of the experts and they will recommend that you either starve yourself, drastically decrease your food intake and exercise until you drop! What people don’t know when taking in all this information is that these three weight loss methods can be very unhealthy and could complicate your health.

The goal of weight loss is to become slimmer, to look good and most importantly to become healthier. When you participate in unhealthy weight loss methods you might lose some pounds, but you also have to consider whether your choices are healthy and making your life better.

Any diet that sounds too good to be true because of claims of quick weight loss or being easy or not very challenging to achieve success is usually categorized as a fad diet. You can find fad diets without having to look for them. They are on the Internet, in periodicals and if you can’t Biofit find them they are sometimes delivered by word of mouth!

Most fad diets become about survival because the requirements to participate can push you to your breaking point. Instead of being focused on your weight loss goals, you find yourself wishing for your next meal. Those thoughts do nothing for you but sabotage your efforts. Remember, weight loss is about moderation without having to take it to the extreme.

Once the decision is made to begin a weight loss plan it is usually as a result of health issues or because you have decided it is about time to lose the extra weight which will not only affect your outer appearance, but your quality of life also. Before embarking on a rigorous weight loss program, there are two things you should consider:

1. Ask yourself the question, do I really need to lose weight? Sometimes we enter into a weight loss plan because a friend has told us we are gaining a few pounds or even we may have noticed some extra pounds while looking in the mirror or even those favorite jeans don’t fit anymore.

All this doesn’t mean you are grossly overweight and need to lose weight immediately, it just means that you might need to be more cognizant of what and how much you eat. And, maybe you need to be more active than your normal daily activities and getting in and out of the car.

The best way of determining if you are overweight is to use a BMI (body mass index) calculator. Based on your age and height, the BMI calculator is a tool used to estimate what should be your healthy weight as it relates to your height.

People sometimes believe that the BMI measures the percentage of body fat that one has, but that is not correct. The BMI basically determines your overall fitness, identifies any issues regarding obesity and will give you an idea on how many pounds you need to lose in order to become healthy.

The obsession we have for becoming thin is promoted by the ultra thin celebrities or models. Our obsession with thinness More and more people want to become as slim as their favorite celebrities, and often they end up with fatigue, nervousness, bulimia and anorexia. Remember that you should lose weight only if there are valid medical reasons for it, not because you “think” that you are overweight!

2. Following a healthy eating plan is the key. A lot of people get involved in fad diets believing they are the answer due to the ease of getting started and the promises of quick and easy weight loss.

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