How Text Messaging White Label Reseller ProgrHow Text Messaging White Label Reseller Programs Workams Work

Email open rates (The amount of emails that are opened) are around 10-20% If you are lucky enough to make it past spam filters. The open rates for text are around 97%! Think about it, don’t you open just about every text you receive? I know I do. Add to that the fact that it is immediate. You can get your message out to people who are out and ready to visit your business.

Here are some more statistics:

73% of new mobile phone buyers report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phone.

70% of the United States is on Facebook.

57% of people talk to each other online more than in person.

Twitter averages around 27 million unique visitors every month.

Around 40% of Twitter posts are made from cell phones.

Are you starting to get the picture? This is HUGE!

Okay so how do you use text messaging? Here are 10 ways that businesses are using now, but just use your imagination and I am sure you will think of some more.

1. Send coupons-Probably the most often used method of text message marketing. If you have used text on your mobile phone you have probably gotten one of these texts by signing up for a texting club or program. You just send a text to all your subscribed customers and they come in and show the text to redeem their coupon. For example: “Get 50% off any Entrée on your next visit” Remember to put any conditions on the text, this is challenging since you only get 160 characters, but at least get the expiration date in there.

2. Real Estate Listings-This is an innovative approach to save the Real Estate agent time and money by conveying most of the information for the listing like Price, Number of Bedrooms/Baths and so on. Then they just put something like “Text 30elm to 69302 ” on their advertising and when people text that number they receive a text a few seconds later with all the info for the property. You will want to place a link to the online listing in the text and an email address. If users have a 문자사이트 smartphone those links will be clickable and take you to the website or open an email client to send an email. Pretty cool.

3. Electronic Business Cards-This is a great way to save on business cards as well as saving trees. The way it works is really simple. Similar to the way a real estate listing works, you just put all your information in the auto-reply message then when people sign up for the text they get all the contact information. Again as in the real estate example all the links are clickable. So now when you meet somebody and they ask for a business card or you just ran out, just say “Text bizcard to 69302” or whatever yours happens to be.

4. Create a Flash Mini Mob-Have you heard of “Flash Mobs”? This is when a group of people create an event and then get as many people to show up at the location as possible. This is usually combined with one or more social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The way you can use it with your subscribers is to Send an offer that is only good for the Next 30 minutes or an Hour and a minimum of people have to show up to get the deal. Example: ” The first 30 people to show up at Our Bar will get a Free Drink! 30 people must be present to get the offer”. Nice way to fill up an empty Bar on a slow night. Of course you have to make sure this is legal in your area, but you get the idea right? This method is only limited by your imagination and it encourages people to call or message their friends to make sure enough people show up. It also gives you time to further market to the people that show up while waiting for others to arrive. And of course you can do this without requiring everyone to show up and even extend it to others that arrive so you don’t have angry people that just missed the deal or maybe have a backup offer for those folks. You don’t want an angry mob.

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