The Trust Quotient- Is Your Website Ranking High on Trustworthiness? – Part 2

  • Important Trust Building Pages: Certain pages on your website act like the anchors in terms of trustworthiness. If you don’t have them or have not done them-up properly, you are losing out heavily in the trust worthiness ranking. These pages are about us, resources, contact us, payment options (If it’s an e-commerce website).
    • The About Us Page: The about us page is very important, you should take special care with the details here, the page should mention about the management, core policy direction of the company. It also helps a lot deal if you mention the registration details (If any), as it adds a lot of meat to the trust worthiness of your website.
    • The Contact Us Page: The different modes of communication should be mentioned clearly. It should mention the physical address down to the street name, phone numbers (working) and e-mail address. All are very important, and should be provided if you are serious about your online adventure. The websites which come out as trust worthy mention these details clearly, unlike certain websites which just mention an e-mail address; leaving the visitor confused about the origins of the company and its location.
    • Payment Option Information: The payment options page has to be as transparent as possible. All the charges that would be applicable for a particular transaction must be mentioned. In fact this page is like the litmus test page for trustworthiness. This page has to instill confidence in the visitor; otherwise he would not make the deal and the confidence will only come when he feels that your payment options are portraying the right picture.
  • Authentication from third party verifiers: Haven’t you felt safe while dealing with websites that have third party authentication certificates? It’s certain you feel confident when you see certain verification and security signs. It’s a very important aspect with the e-commerce ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือwebsites. As, the visitor looks for a stamp of approval regarding the payment gateways. For e.g. Verisign. That’s why, if you are looking forward to transacting online, get your website and payment methods authenticated from reputable companies.
  • BBB Registration: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an independent nonprofit organization that reviews websites and then proffer a seal of trust. The review methodology is very stringent and it also makes sure that the company/ website abides by its privacy policy. Such certification can do wonders to your trust quotient.
  • Original Client Testimonials: One of the surest ways to enhance websites credibility. Client testimonials really add volumes to the overall trustworthiness because a visitor gets to know about your product/ service quality beforehand. However, it is like a double edged sword, that’s why ensure that the client testimonials are of real people otherwise it can seriously undermine your credibility.
  • Organic search position: Organic top rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo is undoubtedly the most important trophy in today’s internet marketing arena. Either you are on the top ten positions or you simply don’t exist! Moreover, the common mans preferences have come to a point where they now believe in the search engine organic rankings. That’s why if you are able to position your website on the top for important keywords, literally half the battle is won.

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