5 Great Sign Products For Massage Parlors

As a masseuse, you are selling a luxury service. Massages are technically not an essential need, even if stressed-out clients think so! Thus, you are faced with the challenging task of convincing potential clients to spend their discretionary income on your services. Advertising by using signage can be a very effective way to gain new business as it enables you to send a powerful message to a targeted group of consumers. Here are some of the best sign products for massage parlors 강남펄안마:

  1. Full-Size Window Graphics – Most massage businesses are located in a shopping center, which means you have large storefront windows. Massage is a service that requires privacy, so you’ll need to cover up the windows to ensure your clients feel comfortable. Tinting is a viable option, but why not use the space for advertising your services? For any full-coverage window display, the best product to use is a perforated vinyl called one-way vision. From the outside customers see full-color graphics, but from the inside your clients can see out. This allows natural light to enter your massage rooms and relax your clients, but it gives them the privacy they expect as well.
  2. Die-Cut Window Graphics – If you don’t want to cover your entire window, consider ordering a die-cut product. Die-cutting involves trimming your window graphic to a set shape, which is great for custom logos, product images, or even a picture displaying massage services. Choose from vinyl decals, which have an adhesive, or window clings, which do not. Vinyl decals are best for permanent signage that displays services and specials that you’ll always offer. If you want to promote something temporary, a window cling (mounted inside the window) is your best choice, as you can remove it when the promotion has ended.
  3. Car Signs – Many masseuses have realized the revenue potential of mobile massage and are capitalizing on it. Taking your equipment off-site to local businesses, events, and trade shows makes you more marketable and convenient to your clientele. While en route to these events, use your vehicle to promote your services! Car magnets are affordable and can be easily switched between vehicles, or you can purchase an adhesive car window decal to display a more-permanent message that will get lots of exposure. This is a great way to reach new clients who have never visited your actual location.
  4. Vinyl Banners – A large vinyl banner can be purchased for around $75-$100. By hanging this banner over the entrance to your business, you’re attracting customers from all over. Since banners are so affordable, you can purchase one for different holidays, sales, and other promotions you offer throughout the year. In addition, use banners inside your massage parlor to list your services and prices, or even to spotlight a new technique you are now offering

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