Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelashes are quite beautiful. They look very real and the hair is extremely luxurious. They do not really need mascara, as they tend to grow rather well on their own. When clumped together they are sort of like natural looking eyelashes. Mink can come in different colors and lengths, but generally they are all brown or black.

mink eyelashes

With so much conflicting information surrounding mink eyelashes it can be left to someone else to decide are mink eyelashes cruel? Well, mink fur was highly prized and used for years by minks, who found that this fiber gave them natural shiny, lush fur. This fiber also helped keep their body heat under control. These mink eyelashes were finely crafted by skilled fur traders and were often used in coats, gloves, hats and other outerwear. The traders and farmers harvested the mink fur from a single animal, usually a pink sheep.

While the fibers in mink eyelashes are fine and strong, they are not suitable for people who are allergic to sheep wool. The fine fibers can easily catch fire and cause damage. They also can tear at the tips if they get caught in clothing. So if you are an allergy sufferer, you should not use vegan silk eyelash products. The same goes for anyone with an eczema flare-up.

In recent times people have started to care more about animals and are looking to use everything they can to help improve the planet. One such step has been to make mink eyelashes cruelty-free. There is now a company in New Zealand that makes completely natural and healthy cosmetics. They also make false eyelashes and mink fur extensions.

These vegan mink eyelash products are not created using any sort of hazardous chemicals. They use only natural ingredients and minerals. With these natural ingredients in place, there is no risk of irritation or burning with the use of mink eyelashes.

Mink eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths and can be used to enhance your own lashes or to create a dramatic difference on your eyes. If you choose to use them to enhance your own lashes, you can get them either flat wavy or curly. Curly is great for those who don’t want their mink eyelashes to stick out too much. Wavy length lashes can look really great when worn with a wide variety of eye colors and eye makeup. There are also lots of different lengths available to suit your own individual needs and styling preferences.

The best part about mink eyelashes is that they last a long time. This is due to the natural lash fibers that are used in the creation of these lashes. These lashes are strong, durable and will hold up for many months before you would have to replace them. In fact, you can actually get extensions for up to 5 years by choosing a quality volume lash set and having your extensions applied on a regular basis.

Whether you are in need of an addition few inches of length or you need to try a completely new look, mink lashes are one of the best ways to change your eyes. The texture and appearance of real mink fur are hard to replicate and these lashes are 100% real mink. You can keep them looking soft and natural by clipping in once or twice every few weeks and by cleaning them in such a way as to avoid tangling. These lashes are great for all occasions and they are very inexpensive, which is why they are ideal for anyone looking for affordable beauty products.

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