Covert Hypnosis by Telling Stories

Sometimes people make the art of covert hypnosis a lot more complicated than it really is. It doesn’t always involve doing sneaky things to drop people into deep trances. Sometimes all you need to do is tell a simple story to drop your message directly into the subject’s unconscious mind.

Think back to the last time you watched a movie. Was there a particular scene that completely engaged you, and had you on the edge of your seat? Why did your body respond this way? Were you hypnotized? Yes, in fact you were. And it was done covertly. A movie is a great example of covert hypnosis by telling stories.

In hypnosis, stories are also known as metaphors. The easiest method to teach is the simple metaphor. Imagine you wanted to convince a friend to go somewhere with you, but you anticipated the friend would hesitate. You could simply tell a story about someone who did something they didn’t think they would enjoy, but it turned about to be fantastic. At the end of the story you might want to explain how this made-up person learned that it can be a lot of fun to try new things 홈타이.

After you tell the story, you change the subject briefly, and then in a few minutes, using the same tone of voice as with the story, you ask your friend to join you on the excursion.

The story that you tell can be true or fictitious. It doesn’t matter. So long as you embed a message within the story that will be obvious enough for the unconscious mind to understand, you’ll accomplish your goal.

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