Blogs – From Personal Journals To Global News Outlets

Ask anyone you meet today if they’ve heard of a blog or could tell you what one is and you’re likely to get a mixed bag of responses.

Some people will tell you that they have their own blog, others will explain that they read a few different blogs on a regular basis and there’ll be some people who have no idea what a blog is, other than ‘it’s something to do with the internet’.

Pose the same question to a random group of people a decade ago and it’s easy to see just how far blogs have come, as generally speaking ollanewsjournal.com, the number of people who had or used a blog around the turn of the last millennium will have been greatly outweighed by the people who didn’t understand to any degree what they were.

Used originally as online diaries (or ‘journals’ as they were initially known), as their use widened, the phrase ‘weblog’ was used to describe them in December 1997 by John Barger, one of the earliest bloggers and this evolved into simply ‘blog’ in the spring of 1999, when another early, influential blogger Peter Merholz, split the word ‘weblog’ up into two sections – ‘we’ and ‘blog’ – on his website.

Today, blogs are used for a vast array of different reasons and by almost every type of individual imaginable, from those who still wish to retain the original personal journal aspects to those bloggers who use blogs as a way for their organization to communicate in a modern and attractive way with their customers.

What’s more, the capabilities of blogs have grown to an extent that almost every organization is able to utilize them in one way or another to get over their message to their audience.

A perfect example of this in recent weeks is the Qatar Media Corporation owned Al Jazeera news and current affairs TV station who have used their blog to provide up-to-date information and first-hand accounts of the issues in Libya surrounding Colonel Gaddafi and the country’s rebels.

What’s interesting for a lot of people to understand is that for the most part, blogging platforms – also known as blogging software – are completely free to utilize and it’s the integration with other services and general brand development that costs money, meaning there’s no reason why anyone can’t start a blog and let the world know about whatever topics and information they would like, whether that’s personal information and opinions or company news and updates – the blogging world really is your oyster.

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