3 Ways to Use Your Amazon Associates Account for Affiliate Marketing

The best way for a newbie to get started in internet and online marketing is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products amazon through your affiliate link. When someone buys through your link, you earn a commission. There are numerous affiliate programs out there. One that I highly recommend is the Amazon Associates program. There are three ways to use your Amazon Associates account for affiliate marketing – links in your blog posts, Amazon widget in your sidebar or an Amazon aStore.

Blog Post Links

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When you are writing blog posts, you can include links to relevant Amazon products right in your posts. For example, if you have a dog training site you can search for dog training related products on Amazon and then include those products in your blog posts using your affiliate link. You can also include pictures of the items that link back to the Amazon site through your affiliate link. Make sure that the products you are promoting in your blog post are actually related to the content in the post.

Amazon Widget

In your Amazon Associates account, you are provided with various widgets that you can include in the sidebar of your website. Some of the types of widgets that are available are carousel, recommended product, search box and deals. For the carousel widget, you pick your favorite products and they are rotated in your sidebar widget. If you want to show products based on categories or keywords, you should use the recommended product widget. If you want people to have the ability to search for products right on your website, then you should use the search box widget. If you want to showcase the hottest deals in a specific category, you should use the deals widget. These are just a few of the widgets that are available. You should visit your Amazon Associates account to find additional widgets that you may want to include on your website.

Amazon aStore

My favorite way to use my Amazon Associates account is to create Amazon aStores. The Amazon aStore allows you to configure an entire online store that can be seamlessly integrated onto your website. The aStore on your website looks just like you are shopping on the Amazon site. The electronic store can contain selected product groups or the entire product range offered by Amazon.

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