How Amazon FBA Helps Entrepreneurs

Amazon FBA is a great way to ensure that you are able to have your products sold and shipped directly to customers so that you don’t have to worry about the shipping and handling procedure. It can also be quite beneficial for businesses who are unable to have an ample amount of storage space for their goods, as they house your products on-site. With that being said amazon, Fulfillment By Amazon is essentially the perfect component for every seller. Prior to signing up, it is advised that you ensure that it is the right offer for you by determining how your products reach your customers, how you can have control of the process and the scalability of the program.

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How Your Products Reach Amazon Prime Customers

The number one component to consider when selling with Fulfillment By Amazon is how your products will reach Amazon Prime customers. When you use Amazon FBA, all of your customers that have an Amazon Prime account will be provided with the opportunity to select two-day shipping for free. Alongside Prime customers, regular Amazon customers will be able to take advantage of the free shipping with orders of $35.00 or more. One of the largest benefits associated with listing with FBA is that your products will be listed without a shipping cost for Amazon Prime customers, allowing you to increase your sales.

What is Amazon FBA Seller Central?

Amazon FBA Seller Central is the aspect of the Amazon website that you will be able to use to have full control over what warehouse your items will be stocked in, how you want to list your items, and how you will display the selling features of your products. It is essentially an entire dashboard dedicated to your products and how they will be seen by the public. You will be able to search for your products once they have been added, look at the other prices of competing FBA sellers, and determine what steps you want Amazon to take during the sale such as shipping the products. Seller Central is imperative to the selling process as it will provide the “first impression” that your customers receive when they find your products.

What is the Scalability of Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA scalability is another important factor to consider when working with Amazon. As your business grows, you will want to ensure that Amazon will grow with you to make sure that each order is fulfilled efficiently. With scalability offered by the program, you can rest assured that Amazon will be able to assist you during peak seasons and offer more resources when you are selling more products. With the ability to pack and ship either a single unit or thousands of different units, the options are endless.

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