Medical Degree Courses in the Czech Republic

In any country around the world there is always a higher demand for doctors, vets and dentists than supply. These noble, rewarding professions are however, amongst the hardest to train for. làm bằng đại học

The lack of medical degree graduates is not due to the number of students capable or willing to gain relevant qualifications but a bottleneck in the academic system prevents students from taking degrees because of a lack of places or because the academic requirements are set too high. In some cases capable students do not have the relevant ‘A’ Levels to progress directly to a medical degree and although this is a setback for many students there is no need for it to be the final word. If the Universities in your country are unable to provide you with a place on a degree course you may still be able to study for the same qualification abroad.

English Medical Degree Courses

The Czech Republic is world renowned for its academic excellence and the widespread ability of the general population to speak English. Their Universities provide an excellent opportunity for students from other countries to study medical degree courses in English.

A number of their Universities run courses which are taught in English, over the course of six years and in some cases, where the relevant experience can be demonstrated it is possible to gain the degree in five years.

Degree Course Entry Requirements

Candidates with ‘A’ level qualifications in Chemistry, Biology and Physics, wishing to study medical degree courses in the Czech Republic are subject to an initial written exam. This is moderated by senior members of the faculties from the Universities offering admissions. If a student has a related ‘A’ Level such as Mathematics instead of one of the sciences and wishes to apply, they must prove in an interview situation that they can demonstrate satisfactory knowledge. These exams are held twice per year, once in June and again in August/September. Some colleges also offer a two week intensive revision course for students to prepare.

Czech Universities offering Medical Degrees to International Students

To register for online degree programs, first you need to find an accredited college or university. The main advantage of accredited universities is that when you apply for a job somewhere after earning a degree, your job application is not going to get rejected. Another good thing about getting accredited degree is that the syllabus of these programs is designed in such a way that you will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical training.

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