Giving Up Smoking – Why Hypnosis Doesn’t Work

I guess, as you’re reading this article, that you’re thinking of giving up smoking? You may have heard of many ways to quit – maybe even tried some of them. Maybe you’ve even used what is scientifically proven to be the most successful method of quitting – hypnosis? So why do I say hypnosis doesn’t work?

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Well, when you have the intention of giving up smoking for good you often want a quick fix. If only someone will wave a magic wand and you could quit smoking on the spot – no hassle, no pain, no cravings. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Many people turn to hypnosis CDs when they want to stop smoking best smoke spots dust 2. They buy a single CD which has messages that are supposed to enter the subconscious mind and… job done. NOT.

A single CD can only be of limited help because there is no magic wand when you’re giving up smoking… but there is a process you can follow ending with a stop-smoking CD how to make stone in little alchemy. Without this process you’re really not likely to achieve the success you so desire and in fact you could feel very cheated that “it” didn’t work.

So what’s the process? How can hypnosis really work for you? How can giving up smoking become easy and effortless? That’s what my series of articles is about. In fact thousands of people succeed in their goal of giving up smoking using hypnosis but only as part of a step by step process of which hypnosis is just a part. A two week preparation of just a few minutes every day followed final quit session.makes the difference between failure and Can assure success.

Today’s tip on your journey toward becoming a non-smoker for life is to learn some truths about hypnosis so that you can make an informed decision instead of one based on the limited, and often warped, information that may have come your way in the past.

This series of articles contains many of the techniques used as part of that preparation process, before their quit date but one of the fears people often have is that hypnosis will take control of their mind. we have all seen the guy in the cloak on TV who appears to “make” people do things against their will.In fact Clinical hypnotherapy is a very long way from that.

Here are some facts for you. Hypnosis is a natural state. Scientists tell us that we go into trance states every 7 minutes. I expect, if you’re a driver, you realize you are often in a trance-like state when you’re driving. You stop or go at lights and move around the streets without actually thinking about it. Your mind is on auto-pilot. When we’re watching TV or reading we often go into a state of hypnosis and if we’re really concentrating someone might speak to us and we don’t hear them. Has that ever happened to you? Hypnosis is no different. All you need to be able to do is enter that same state you do when you’re driving, reading, watching TV or lying on a beach somewhere in the sun. Easy as pie!

Your hypnotherapist doesn’t have total control over your mind because if they told you to rob a bank you simply wouldn’t do it; just as you wouldn’t do anything that didn’t fit with your ethics. People use hypnotherapy to help them do what they are already willing to do. The hypnotherapy just helps them do it easier.

Between your conscious and subconscious mind there is a filter that prevents the two minds mixing up their duties. The conscious wants to think logically and the subconscious wants to look after your habits, memories, emotions and imagination as well as running every system in your body. The filter begins to lower when you go into a relaxed state so you have access to your subconscious. You may have woken in the morning and been aware of a dream quite vividly but then forgotten it shortly afterwards because the filter was down when you were still relaxed but came up again when you came to full consciousness. Well it’s while you are in that relaxed “filter down” state that someone (properly qualified) can help your subconscious to work with your conscious desires instead of fighting them

Smoking can be very addictive and once started, can be hard to say goodbye to. Every day, more and more people get hooked to smoking and more and more people become endangered because of the health risks that are associated with smoking. If you are having a hard time quitting smoking, then you may find comfort and inspiration with the following quit smoking facts:

• An average adult could die from ingesting four or five whole cigarettes because there is enough nicotine in them to poison the body and kill you on the spot. Smokers only absorb only one or two milligrams of nicotine per cigarette because the rest of the nicotine that is present in it is burned off.

• Approximately 5 million people all over the world die yearly because of smoking. That is almost one life every eight seconds.

• During World War II, Hydrogen cyanide was used for genocidal chemical agent. It happens to be one of the toxic byproducts that can be found in cigarette smoke.

• About 3 million cigarettes per minute are consumed in China alone. There are 300 million smokers in China thus the high consumption of cigarettes amounting to 1.7 trillion sticks a year.

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