Bingo For Fun, Not For Prizes

So many millions now play bingo you sometimes wonder what the big fuss is about, its obviously a very popular game but from closer studying of most bingo rooms it has been noticed that the prizes are not the biggest, certainly nothing when compared to prizes that can be won during poker tournaments and online slots.

Most prizes tend to be from the $10 to the $5000 mark although many bingo outlets also provide cars, holidays and even kitchen equipment to keep players interested, Whether or not that is a reason why so many play is easy to dismiss Bandar Q. If it were just for the prizes on offer then players would probably go nowhere near bingo and instead be more tempted by the likes of slots or online casinos.

This just goes to show how much actual players are having at these bingo rooms, waiting for their favourite numbers to trun up whilst chatting to strangers on how a nice line of numbers will make their day a far happier one than the day before. There are so many players that tend to manage their bingo accounts so well that they they see it as more of a social evening rather than that of an evening based on plain gambling as many online casino goers would see things.

These types of bingo players are playing perhaps on a weekly basis, a few dollars here and there to make sure they do not overdo things but also have the pleasure of playing a good bingo game once a week. Whether or not they win is not of that much importance as in most cases a player will at somepoint have a good day and win a nice tidy sum for their input.

It will not deter them if they lose, from playing again as it is more of a hobby than a serious point of gambling, much like the lottery ticket although this played purely for the huge jackpot on offer and not because it is something to do every Saturday evening.

Many people procrastinate in their work at home by playing games. Sure, there are incentives such as supposed prizes, points and cash. The problem is, the real work-that pays in cash-gets put aside in favor of something more fun like Trick-Tac-Toe, Pyramid Solitaire or Slots. Or worse, money is lost due to online casino gambling.

At the very least, you can waste a day playing games, wearing yourself out, and avoiding work you know needs to get done. At the other end, the waste hits your bank account as well as your time. Too many marriages have broken up due to online gaming, both the free and pay kind. When one ceases to pay attention to the ‘normal’ activities of living in favor of the false world of gaming, there is trouble on the horizon.

Way back when video poker first hit the scene in Las Vegas, the addiction treatment centers started expanding their clientele quite a bit. At that time the addicted players were mostly women who wanted to zone out and escape from their lives. The physician who became known as the world expert in video game addiction became quite busy. Studies showed that video poker was the number one gambling addiction in the world and was the most difficult to cure.

What is this propensity that humans have to gamble? Don’t we get enough challenges in our everyday lives nowadays? All mammals love to play, so the play itself is not the problem…it’s the deliberately addictive lure of the machine. The addicted will press those buttons as fast as possible for as long as the money holds out, ignoring the need to pay bills, buy food and gas, or take care of children.

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