Why Is There a Health Check in Insurance Policies?

Don’t be shocked if you’re asked to undertake a medical examination when you apply for a health or life insurance plan. This may depend on your age and the total you’re applying for, but can include a basic physical exam, urine specimen, blood analysis and even X-rays if appropriate. In some cases where insurance is above £2 million, a treadmill EKG might be required. So the question remains, why do we need these exams? And does it really provide any useful information to insurers? Especially in a world where accidents not associated to age are exponentially rising.

To understand why the medical exam is necessary, it is first appropriate to look at how insurance works. When someone has an accident, they might claim for their insurance company home depot health check. The only way this is sustainable is for the insurance company to charge other customers a premium. So in effect, many pay the price of few making claims. But for this we are assured safety and peace of mind that if we ever were to have an accident, support would be available.

So, insurers must have many people covered for each illness for it to be sustainable, as a percentage of these will end up making a claim. In some cases, different levels of each illness will result in a higher percentage of claimants. For example, only 9% of diabetes sufferers might claim, however 14% of diabetics who are also overweight might end up depending on their insurance company for support. For this reason, it seems necessary for insurance companies to know just about everything about our health. They will then be able to make sure their information is as useful as possible, and in result we gain the best insurance possible for our current condition.

On the other hand, some people think this is a breach of privacy. It is easy to see why having health conditions exposed (especially in cases of joint policies) might be embarrassing or hurtful. But insurance companies are quite insistent on having this information, and as the industry act as one, it is unlikely to find a company who will accept you without a medical.

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