How Taking a Selfie Might Be the Lifesaver Your Teeth Need

Believe or not, there is more to selfies (picture that you take of yourself) than just capturing moments with friends or ‘feeling myself’ photos. Apparently, it is also a hidden secret to a healthy and beautiful smile, according to a new study.

Initially, the idea of taking a selfie while brushing your teeth does not make sense at all, does it? You would think of water-damaged phones splattered with toothpaste, but that is not always the case dorian rossini. A range of volunteer people who participated in the study propped their precious phones on stands and placed their cameras on a timer.

With their smartphones propped on the stands, the study’s participants filmed their entire oral care routine from A to Z. Depending on the participants, that might include flossing, brushing, fluoring, or just one or 2 components. According to the researchers, seeing themselves on their phones greatly encouraged better accuracy of brushstrokes from the participants though. They also noticed that there was an overall eight percent improvement in the brushing skill- however the length of time they brushed remained quite the same.

According to Lance T. Vernon, the co-author of the study, tooth brushing is typically a learned practice people try to perfect without any proper supervision ever. That’s the reason why when it comes to changing tooth brushing behaviours, habits and technics, it takes more time, practice and guidance.

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