Video Game Review of Killzone 3 for PS3

This game is the sequel to Killzone 2. This game is about a war between two groups of humans. On one side, there is the ISA; these are the good guys with human faces. On the other side, there are their enemies; the Helghast. These are the humans that wear the red-goggled masks. The Helghast are a menacing group and they are determined to take control of the whole universe.

Killzone 3 picks up right where the last game left off. The game begins with a small group of ISA soldiers that are struggling to survive after being abandoned and left on enemy territory. Throughout the course of the game, you play as Sev. Sev is the same hero from Killzone 2. Sev’s purpose is to do as much damage to the Helghast as possible before he is rescued, caught or killed.

Where the storyline falters, the action makes up for it. The action sequences throughout the game are visually impressive. This game offers smooth animations as F95ZONE well as transitions. This makes the game enjoyable when shifting from the standard shooting position, to looking through the sight on the assault rifle. The weapons sound powerful and the animations effectively convey bullets hitting armor. The blood that erupts from your enemies also appears to be extremely realistic.

This game offers a variety of weapons to kill the Helghast soldiers. The popular flamethrower returns as well as the boltgun. In addition to the M82, there are several new weapons that pack plenty of firepower. One of the new weapons allows the shooter to charge up a glowing green sphere of energy that blows through several enemies at once. Another powerful weapon allows the shooter to switch between two modes. One mode actually rains down artillery gunfire onto the Helghast soldiers and their vehicles.

Although this game alleges it uses all of the Playstation’s robust processing power, there are moments in the game where the flow is staggered by minor glitches. It is important to note that there are no loading screens throughout the game. However, it’s impossible to ignore the times when the game stops for a split-second to transition into another section of a level. There are also rare moments where the scripted sequences in the game will not start because a teammate is not in the right location. Furthermore, the sequence may pause if Sev isn’t facing in the correct direction.

Killzone 3 does a great job of separating the levels. Between the levels on foot and the levels in the vehicles, this game transitions seamlessly. Although the entire campaign is linear, Killzone offers just enough time from moment to moment to keep you from accurately predicting the next objective. Every action sequence throughout the game is completely immersive. The combat sequences are more intense and more savage than many other first person shooter games. The design and visual complexity of Killzone 3 makes it interesting and entertaining despite the poorly developed storyline. The use of well-timed pacing and amazing action sequences throughout the campaign makes this game a must have for any PS3 shooting fan. In addition, the much improved and cool multiplayer mode is essential to the Killzone experience.

A downside to Killzone 3 is the one dimensional characters. From the hero, Sev, to the evil Helghast leaders; the traits of all the characters are consistent. The interplay as well as the dialogue between the characters is completely predictable. Consequently, the point of view of the soldiers is not nearly complex enough for a war game. The dynamics that allow the gamer to feel empathy or compassion for the characters is not present in this game. In the original Killzone, Captain Templar was a popular and well liked character. However, there are not many likeable characters in this game. The soldiers are indeed charming; in a savage brute kind of way, but Sev and the rest of the ISA appear to be more like thoughtless drones than soldiers facing a life or death situation. The soldiers do not appear to be fully affected by the feeling of abandonment. Honestly, these characters are not characters that the gamer can relate to or identify with.

Overall, Killzone 3 provides the gamer with a well-rounded experience. The game-play offers devastating melee attacks in addition to powerful gunfire. If close enough to a Helghast soldier, Sev can push his thumbs in the eyes of the soldiers. Sev can also execute a lethal tracheotomy using only his knife. Although the melee attacks may appear to be a minor addition, these attacks add a deeper strategy into the game-play. The only disadvantage of the melee attacks is that Sev is left open to get caught in passing gunfire. This game is visually amazing and utilizes great weapons. The weapons sound powerful and the blood looks realistic. Even though the storyline is a bit predictable and underdeveloped, Killzone 3 is a must have for any first person shooter enthusiast.

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