The Importance of Project Management Collaboration

We may not think about the importance of collaboration in the workplace, but the reality is that any successful business, project, or goal requires successful collaboration to make it work PMP certification. When it comes to project management, collaboration is essential because all team members have to be involved, even if the part they play in the project is a small one.

Collaboration is when team members work together in order to realize a shared goal. It’s a recursive process that involves not just employees working under the manager, but also vendors and clients. Collaborating is about sharing knowledge and contributing talents toward the greater good, which is why a good project management application is crucial to any business’s success.

Keep in mind that collaboration is different from basic communication, which is where one entity relates information to another. Communication is one-way, while collaboration involves an exchange or sharing of information, ideas, and knowledge. Any manager can communicate via email, memos, or morning business meetings, but this does little to get the team to work as a whole, with each member thoroughly being utilized to the best of her ability.

A Web-based project management platform allows every member of the team to collaborate on projects by sharing files, sending mass emails, viewing activity feeds, and creating reports. This type of application means that project managers can delegate tasks by department or individual employee, restricting access to those that don’t require it.

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