What to Do on Your Holidays in Macau

Macau also spelt Macao is 60 km directly west of Hong Kong. Macau consists of the smaller islands of Coloane and Taipa and the Macau Peninsula which are all are linked together by a bridge. The climate here is described as subtropical. Weather conditions vary from month to month. It has very wet and windy winters but long hours of sunshine in the summer, the summer climate of Macau is long other seasons making it an ideal summer holiday destination. However, warm temperatures can cause thunder showers and heavy rains.

Macau has its own culture, currency and administration. It has cultural amalgamation of Portugal and China as it was colonized by the Portuguese and is located in Chinese catering service hk grounds. There are plenty of monuments, churches, museums and historical places to visit here that are extremely popular with tourists. The quiet ambience of these beautiful places will have a relaxing on soothing effect. This altogether new experience of beauty and peace is known to be revitalizing and many tourists return here year after year.

Macau is known for its colourful and vivacious culture. There are festivals and carnivals held here that take place in the same months year after year which can be enjoyed by tourists. It may be worth planning your holidays around these events so you can get a taste of what they’re really like. The carnivals and street parades and major tourist attractions in Macau and tourists can join in with the celebrations if they wish.

This country is also known for its fantastic night life, it is possible before you arrive there to get information on the local hotspots. The internet offers valuable information of where to go and the places that will ensure an unforgettable night out. Macau is also famous for its casinos and bars, the service here is considered to be absolutely 1st class. Again, research into the best places to go before arriving there could prove invaluable.

Macau is the first European settlement in the Far East and the European culture is deep rooted in the country. For those people interested in the historical background of Macau, they can visit one of the many museums. Going on guided tours can also provide insight into the countries history and culture.

Accommodation and food facilities are key to enjoying your holiday here; there are numerous bars and restaurants to dine in and a variety or self catering apartments and holiday villas that are available to rent from holiday home owners. There are holiday homes available to suit all budgets.

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