Event Lighting – The Options Available To You

No matter what the occasion, the lighting at the event is what defines it. The wrong lighting can give the wrong impression. For example, the lighting for a wedding can hardly be confused with disco lighting. The same goes for a corporate event. Given the formal nature of a corporate event (I’m not talking about company parties) you can’t expect to have Christmas lights at the venue. What I’m trying to say is that the lighting is an important part of organizing an event and choosing the right type of lighting is even more important.

There are many options available depending on the occasion and the budget. One such option is to turn down the ambient lighting of the venue by 20 to 30%. This creates a darker space that can be used to draw focus to other aspects of the event. This dimmer atmosphere means that the color form the other lights is not lost in the bright light. This makes the colors appear more intense and saturated. For example, if the event is a wedding then the cake can be made the center piece of the venue by lighting it dramatically. Miniature chandeliers can be placed on the guest tables to provide small pools of light. The bar and buffet can be similarly lit up to draw the guests attention. Fountains with 演唱會製作公司 submersible lights or even floating lights can be placed at the entrance or around the venue. If the event is to happen in a tent then uplights can be used to cast dramatic splashes of light on the sides of the tent and smaller uplights can be used to create paths inside and outside the tent.

LED lights are the new and preferred form of event lighting now. LED lights are cheap, energy efficient and much more versatile than conventional bulbs. One great idea is using LED ice cubes. LED lights can be used to cover the dance floor in rich color and projectors can be used to show

Dance lights can be used to enhance the lighting options of your event. These lights can range in variety and function. Some cast subtle washes of color on the dance floor for slow numbers while some lights can be programmed to respond to fast paced music. There are moving head lights that lights that can project logos, images and textures 360 degrees, scanners that rapidly shoot brightly colored beams around the room, mesmerizing color and light combination, fire and water effects that slowly undulate underfoot, strobes to provide stop motion dance fun, lasers to pierce the air sharp red and green beams with the popular liquid sky effect.

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