Mini Storage Unit Auction – Strategies That They Don’t Want You to Know

Many people have considered mini storage auctions as a way to earn money. The idea behind it is to purchase the whole contents of a Mini storage unit, and then resell the merchandise in order to make a profit. There needs to be a strategy anytime you’re heading for any type of auction, and a mini storage auction is no different.

Your first strategy is to make sure that the mini storage auction is going to be close enough for you to make a profit. With fuel costs today, you need to be aware that it’s going to cost you money to transport the mini storage contents to your home. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration before you even head for the auction, and transportation can use all of your profits up very quickly if you have to pay a large fuel bill.

The next strategy is to arrive on time and take advantage of any views you may be able to have of what’s inside the actual unit. If you arrive just 10 minutes before 迷你倉邊間好 the actual auction, you’re not going to have time to sign up, or even find a good place to stand. It’s important to start out your mini storage auction strategy with enough time to peruse the lot, the auction area, and get signed up as well as ask questions.

By arriving with plenty of time, you’ll also be able to ask a few questions. If you don’t arrive in time, when you get there, everyone is going to be busy and they’re not going to have time for any of your auction questions. Don’t forget, a quick phone call can also allow your questions to be asked, as well as verify that the auction is going on. You’ll want to know exactly what the accepted methods of payment, how the actual auction works, and how soon you have to move everything out of the unit.

There may be an opportunity for blind bidding at a mini storage auction. It’s important that you set your bid, knowing how much it’s going cost to transport the content, and knowing the risk you take. In other words, you may bid too high blindly on a mini storage auction and find out that there is nothing but garbage in the mini storage unit and now you’re responsible to dispose of it.

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