Website Designing – The Upcoming Trend in 2014

In the ever evolving internet environment today, with changing tastes and preferences of the users, it has become indispensable for website designers to upkeep with the latest trends. Considering the fact, website designing has progressed dramatically, focusing more on relevancy, screen size compatibility, and user interface. After all, who has the time to spend hours scrolling through a website, which lacks context, isn’t visually appealing, or at all engaging or user friendly! Discussed here are the latest trends that website design is expected to witness in 2014.

Responsive Design – It goes without saying how mobile is having a huge impact on website designing. According to a report, mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets account for almost 60-65% of total website traffic. Considering the growing number of mobile device traffic, responsive website designing has become the latest trend. While this is not a new concept, responsive designing is here to stay and revolutionize in 2014 as well. The concept is all about designing a website, which is responsive to adjust according to the screen size and type of device being used. Now, you don’t have to maintain different websites for different platforms; rather focus on one that responds appropriately and delivers the best user experience across all devices and screen size, whether desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Parallax Scrolling – Website designing is expected to witness a dramatic evolution with Parallax Scrolling feature. It is expected that such a design concept will become standard in 2014, where the webpage is presented as multiple layers while the background layer can be scrolled at a different speed than foreground layer responsive web design services . The background layer may not also move at all. Such design feature can be used in conjunction with other techniques such as animation to achieve a dynamic and unique effect. Designers are expected this concept to achieve huge prominence in the years to come, with umpteen scope for innovation.

Flat Design – Not just Smartphones and tablets, it seems that “flat” Technology is driving the desktops as well, creeping into website design as a standard format. Flat website design adds much more than mere a fresh and advanced look; it also enhances performance of the website. An artistically created flat design eliminates the shadowing and gradients that tend to eat up thousands of kilobytes, making the website slow and difficult to upload or download. This intrinsic feature, catering to evolving computing technology, is expected to stay for years to come, especially in 2014.

Larger Fonts – Computers and mobile devices feature a larger screen size and improved resolution. As such, standard font size of yesteryear tends to be stale and puny. Hence, larger fonts are here to rule in 2014, making the website easily readable and interesting for users rather than trying hard to focus on what’s on the site.

You may already be aware of the importance associated with having a website for your business. With that said, you may not be aware of precisely how important it is to the success of your business.

For instance, did you know that more than 80 percent of consumers turn to the Internet for information on services and products prior to making a purchase? Websites are a necessity for most businesses today. If you do not have a great website, you could be missing out on business and putting your company at risk. A great website can be an essential tool for informing your customers about your business and generating leads and sales.

No matter what kind of business you may have, you can benefit from a professionally designed website. While it might seem easier to try to go it alone in designing your website, there can be many benefits associated with working with a professional website design company.

While the benefits of having a website for your business are undeniable, it is also important to make sure that your website is professionally designed. There is simply too much competition today to present anything less than the best website possible. Users today expect a website that loads quickly and offers easy navigation. In addition, it is important to ensure that your website offers the latest options. A website that loads slowly, is difficult to navigate or reflects an out of date design could actually drive away visitors rather than attract leads. A professional website design company can help you make a great first impression while also attracting business to your company.

Not only can you be assured that your website will present the right image, but working with a team of experts can also help to save you a tremendous amount of time. With the time that you save, you can focus on other important aspects of your business, thus presenting you the opportunity to grow your business even more.

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