Fashion or the design of clothing.

Here are some clothes style tips for men that give you guidelines on the best male fashion clothes to suit your physique types. These men’s clothes tips are a a great help in adorning your appearance, but it is important to follow the advice seriously.

* Short waisted men must avoid wearing trousers or jeans that are too tight at the waist. Jeans with a low waist aren’t the best choice for you. The idea of tucking your shirt in would not be a good idea. Pullovers fit well with your style. Tank tops that are short and long are not recommended as they can highlight your short waist. Contrasts won’t look attractive as it will interfere to the vertical line. So a combo of white trouser and pink blouse shouldn’t be a choice. Request your tailor men’s performance suit to place an inch higher on waist while taking measurement.

* Long waist men need to do things opposite of how they dress when contrasted with shorter-waisted guys. The ideal fashion for guys is low waist jeans with T-shirt in contrasting shades tucked inside. Double breast jackets are right for you to stop people’s eyes getting focused on your legs. Do you think that now, boys, you are getting the idea of diverting the attention of others? Opt for belts with large buckles.

* If you have an extra-large stomach it is recommended that your clothes include an array of light fabrics and dark shades. Light colors tend to emphasize the size of your belly. You should make it a habit of wearing a vest, as it will stop loose skin flow from happening. Long-sleeved T-shirts are the ideal choice for you. Beware of low-waisted jeans.

If you’re dressed in ethnic clothing there are plenty of options for you to choose from, however as we said earlier, all styles are not appropriate for you. The slimmer and shorter-legged men should wear knee long Kurtas. Taller men can wear calf length kurta also.

So guys by now you’ve got an idea of what suits you best, make sure you follow these guidelines to disguise your undesirable body flaws. We hope that next shopping, you’ll be focused as to what you’re looking for, and not be lured by fashion or the design of clothing.

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