Do Online Poker Tells Really Exist?

Poker tells are the visual clues you get from opponents when you are playing them face-to-face. There have been many debates as to what certain facial expressions, body movements, eye contact and even verbal responses might mean in regards to what hand your opponent is holding.

Well obviously in online poker, there are absolutely NO cookies, or any other visual clues to help you discern information – even if you could. But does that mean there are NO tells at all in online poker? Not exactly, but certainly they are limited to the actions of your opponents only  Poker88. That generally could only be one of two things – betting patterns and the amount of time they take to make their play. When you talk about betting patters, this is where your poker software comes in because you can instantly check his history and sometimes it can be very clear that his play is out of pattern. Poker odds calculators can actually make up for any tells you think you might be missing at a live game.

For example you bet out top pair holding QcJc on a 8d9dJs board and get reraised immediately even though another player is yet to act behind. That is a tough spot now, and plays like this usually mean they have the goods, or in this case a HUGE draw that could make you the underdog right now.

And how about one of those massive overbets on the river for a tell? Sure you may have the two pair but if there is a straight and/or flush on the board to contend with, well that strongly suggests you are now crushed here. Many players will shove here trying to get you to think he IS bluffing with such a huge bet, and hoping you do have a hand like two pair where its a good chance you will call an overbet like this. However, if you never, ever call one of these bets in your poker career, you will be ahead.

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