Blogging is a Great Way to Be Heard

Since the beginning of life, people have wanted to be heard. In the past, this required an intensive and expensive education, as only the richest and noblest were allowed, or taught, to write. Now, since the widespread adoption of public school systems, more people are fully literate than at any other time in history.

However, traditional analog printing (books, magazines, etc.) is expensive, time consuming, and as such, publishing companies are reluctant to print anything that crosses their doorsteps futmax.org. These companies are struggling to survive, though, thanks to the rise of, and near ubiquitous access to, the Internet. No longer do the large publishing companies decide what makes it into widespread syndication. Now, anybody with access to a personal computer at home, work, school, or the library can document their thoughts and feelings, and make them available to the world at large.

There are a few major points to consider when the “blog bug” bites. First, will the blog be used as a diary, a place to write down and keep track of the ups and downs of daily life, or will it be used to post updates and news for a chosen topic? If the former is true, then the size of audience will probably not matter- as long as stuff keeps happening in the writer’s life, there will be plenty of content to post. The goal of a diary-type blog is usually to provide a hobby or calming ritual to the writer’s life, so who cares what other people think of what’s actually written there.

If the Blog is to be used for advertising, news, or other commercial venture, then website traffic is obviously a large concern. The goal in commercial blogging is to get as many unique visitors to that blog, in as little time as possible. The more people that visit a blog, the more people click on advertisements, and the more people will order the writer’s products or services. The ultimate deciding factor in website traffic is the site’s content. Bottom line: If people do not find information they desire or enjoy, they are off of that website in less than five seconds. Period. So it stands to reason that if the goal is to make money, the writer should pick a topic that lots of people are interested in.

There are a multitude of websites on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, that provide insight into what people are searching for, and how they are searching for it. After picking a high-interest topic to devote writing energy to, there are some small things that can be done to drive up traffic to the blog. Based on what the SEO sites say about the chosen topic, the writer can fill their blog with relevant “keywords”, or words that people searching for any given topic use most frequently. For instance, a blog on Ponies would probably want lots of words in its content that relate to ponies, like “stable”, “horse”, “Clydesdale”, etc. This way, when people search for anything that is related to ponies or horses, the blog will be near the top of the list of results.

It’s pretty much been established that blogging is important in network marketing. To quote a popular Business Week article: “Blogs Will Change Your Business-Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later”. Blogs offer an abundance of information from an even bigger variety of sources. They are generally-if done well-honest and provide insights that are tougher to absorb sometimes through news articles and news reporting. The right blog can answer questions you may have in regard to any number of topics related to your business. Subscribing to blogs you find informative is a must. I do. I have perused the internet for bloggers who seem to speak to me and offer another view of things that I hadn’t thought about. And we should never stop learning or being open to receiving new information.

When I was previously in the work force putting in my 8-5 hours, blogging was part of my responsibility as a Press Relations specialist. It was also part of my freelance writing career. I was able to write about software in a way that offered easy reading and a view from a “real-world” user of that software. And now that I own my own business, I approach it from the same way. I write what I know was important for me in my learning how to be successful in my business and I want to offer it to others in the way I perceived it. I write every entry hoping what I write will change someone’s life and help them to better understand what it takes to be their own boss. I take the attitude that if I can help even one person change the level of their success, then I’ll know I’ve contributed.

I get contacted by people who ask me things such as “what do I blog about?”, or “what do I say?”, or “what if no one thinks I’m interesting?”. And over-thinking and analyzing what you want to say in your blog can actually detract from its effectiveness. If you sit down and expand on one thing that happened to you, or that you learned from, you will, most certainly, have appropriate blog content. That said, however, you should also put it out there in a way that is readable, understandable and appropriate. Thus, the importance of writing skills…

No one is a perfect writer. And writing styles vary person to person. That’s why one person likes Nora Roberts and the other lives for Stephen King novels. And comments, if you receive them, should be received with the attitude that you value the input and will grow and learn from that input.┬áThe more you write, the better you will become at it. And there are many people whose blogs I read even a year ago, that I revisit now and am taken aback at how inspirational their content has become. The best writing, to me, is done in a conversational style. If you can say what you want to say the way you would to a friend through your writing, you will reach people.

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