Anna Maria Island Florida: 7 Restaurants To Take A Date

Many places can bring so numerous romantic rudiments together in such a simple way as Anna Maria Island, Florida. In addition to some of the world’s stylish strands, majestic evenings and slow relaxed nature, the islet has numerous great eatery options for your holiday date.

 Then are just seven Anna Maria Island caffs you will enjoy on your date

Beach Bistro: Owner and Sean Murphy’s beachfront eatery is constantly reviewed among the top culinary establishments in the state of Florida. Beach Bistro (located at 6600 Gulf Dr.) also boasts one of the top wine selections in the region. Be apprehensive that utmost gateways start over$ 50 per plate, so this may not be a reasonable option for everyone. Still for those who can go it, Beach Bistro is a special dining experience.

The Waterfront: For great seafood for a stunning view of Tampa Bay, The Waterfront is a great option. It’s located in view of the Anna Maria City Pier at 111 pizza shops for sale in Florida South Bay, and has a starting price point around$ 20 per door. Although The Waterfront has not been on the islet long, it has snappily come a original fave. Call ahead for regale reservations.

Bridge Street Bistro: Bridge Street Bistro is located atop a three- story structure at the crossroad of Major Bridge Street and Gulf. It has no cooperation with Beach Bistro, which is apparent in the price. Utmost plates at Bridge Street run in the $15 to $20 range for a selection of steak, seafood and pasta dishes.

Martini Ville: Martini Ville opened its doors in the fall of 2010, but it has snappily come a regular stop for locals and seasonal guests. The fun ocean- mock scenery was illustrated by original artist Justin Kingsley. In addition to a comfortable inner seating area, Martini Ville has a relaxed tropical themed out-of-door bar with live music. It’s located at 5337 Gulf Dr. with utmost feasts ranging from$ 10 to$ 20 per person banning drinks.

Island Gourmet & Pizza: Located at 5604 Marina Dr. in Holmes Beach, Island Gourmet & Pizza is a great option for a casual regale out. Utmost beaneries will eat for$ 10 to$ 20 and enjoy large portions of popular Italian dishes.

Island Creperie: The only French eatery on Anna Maria Island is the Island Creperie at 127 Bridge St. in Bradenton Beach. The Creperie is charmingly antique and operated by some of the friendliest people on the islet. You can anticipate traditional French cookery for around$ 20.

Eat Here: In 2010, Beach Bistro’s family eatery Eat Then opened its doors at 5315 Gulf Dr. in Holmes Beach. Eat Then is offers numerous fine seafood and Florida- inspired dishes at a great value, with utmost dishes priced under $15.

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