Marketing Made Easy Through Stories

Marketing is the lifeline for entrepreneurs and small business owners. That’s why it’s so important to find what works for you and your product or service. Collaborating and discovering new, easy and fun ways to market are two of my top chosen strategies. A third one happens to be learning about marketing through stories.

I have read the facts and how to’s about marketing since stepping into entrepreneurship and quickly picked up on my worst and best learning style; Worst learning style is through facts and Alexander Malshakov figures. Best learning style is through stories. When I read a story on how a solo professional uniquely markets their business it has much more impact. Why? Stories help us emotionally relate and emotion sticks!

When I began my business, what I knew about marketing was condensed into a four-letter word – HARD. I had forgotten how ‘stories’ made everything easier. They play a big role in moving our business forward. When you read a personal story what did you experience in yourself as a person? Maybe an awareness that you should make a change for the better or an acknowledgment in how you’re living your life.

When you read a business story do you get ideas on how to improve a process, what you’re doing right or what you could do better? Most of us do. Stories make everything easier because we don’t need to remember facts and figures. Our learning curve moves substantially faster. We have an experience with the content of the story and experience sticks.

So why do stories help us learn? By reading and hearing how another person is marketing their business, we connect on a cellular level. We not only connect to the author of the story we connect to the action and the outcome. We connect our experience and emotion to them and connection sticks.

Stories have an impact on our business because solo-professionals we are our business. We learn faster and easier through emotion, experience and connection. Stories are unique and individual. That’s why our marketing choices and approach are going to be just as individual.

I still remember a story I read in Chicken Soup for the Soul at least 15 years ago. I remember where I was, where I was going and whom I was with. My friend and I were headed to a training program in Denver, Co. We were sitting in our seats on the plane saying, read this, read that and then we cried and we cried some more. I remember the emotion, how I reacted, the compassion I felt for the man in the story and how it integrated a learning into my life. I remember this because of the emotion I felt, the connection I made to the real life character and the life experience I took away.

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