Is There Actually Money to Be Made With Article Marketing?

The simple but also probably quite infuriating answer to the title question is that ‘yes, if you have a good product and good article marketing strategy’. You have likely https://www.clicanddrink.es/ come across this kind of useless but also insightful answer before – for instance when researching other questions like ‘How much can I earn with affiliate marketing?’ or ‘How many articles do I need to write?’. Affiliate marketing, I have found, is a world full of such questions but, unlike most other commentators, in this article I plan to elaborate a bit more as to why exactly you cannot have a definitive answer. This is to say, why exactly is it impossible to generalise about the success article marketing can bring? In turn this can help us to determine whether article marketing is a marketing method right for your current or prospective business, and how exactly this success will be best achieved.

My experience in affiliate marketing…

Firstly, a bit about my own background in affiliate marketing. I have been in the affiliate marketing business for nearly four years now and now make around 10,000 (about $17,000) a year through my websites – I don’t see myself as a super affiliate by any stretch but I do think this amount of money is something a lot of would be affiliates aspire to. I aim in my articles to help others emulate my success and promote those products that I have found useful myself, on my own journey. I personally detest who sellers who market their products using their own success, and would firmly discourage you from any product representing a get rich quick scheme. In fact I predominantly use article marketing, along with email lists, to market my range of affiliate products over different sites. I have had both successes and failures with my techniques and now feel I am knowledgeable enough to impart some of my ‘wisdom’ (or something like that) on others.

Lessons learnt…

I would like to start by referring back to some of my original sites, many of which have been unsuccessful – from these I have learnt many lessons as to what makes a successful affiliate marketing strategy and knowing them could save you a lot of the time I wasted. The first piece of advice is to really try and find, and then promote, a product that you believe in, and which you would use, and have used, yourself. For a start this means the sales copy of the affiliate programme is good and the product will sell, if marketed correctly (you bought it yourself after all didn’t you?). It also means you have a working knowledge of the product and can offer insights and advice which others, who only promote the product for profit, cannot.

In an online landscape where content is king this factor cannot be underestimated; it also helps therefore to know the industry yourself to some degree before jumping in – this might only require a few hours research but very often the marketers who don’t know their stuff are found out pretty quickly. People will respect your heightened expertise (in comparison to standard, uninformative reviews) and in the end will be more likely to click through and eventually to buy a product you recommend. If you can input this level of expertise into the Site Build It format you give yourself a website capable of making good money with affiliate marketing – I will say quickly that SBI will save you a great amount of work, and cut out a lot of the effort, in putting together a quality affiliate site, leaving you to get on with the promotion and article writing.

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