Is it Possible to Still Generate Income Off of Google Ads?

Google ads used to be one of the top ways to generate income on the internet. All you had to do was put up some ads and get people to click on them. With the internet constantly changing and evolving, this method has dropped significantly from where it was. But it is still possible to generate income from Google ads.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of having success with this method. It is not as easy as it used to be because now there is a great deal of strategy involved buy google ads account. Everything from what style of text you use to the placement of the ads can make or break your ad campaign.

Obviously the goal is to convince people to buy something, which can be one by generating clicks. It is your goal to give people as much information as possible in as few of characters as possible. With Google ads, the headline is a mere 25 characters while the body is just 35 characters. This gives you a minimal amount of space to say what you want to say.

The headline should have the exact keywords you are targeting within it. If you are targeting the keywords home business, a fitting headline could be “starting a home business.” You want to include the keywords exactly as people search for them in the search engines. Make the headline as relevant as possible and people will see clicks.

While the headline is the first thing people look at, you do still have the body to provide information as well. This is where you can give just a little more information to intrigue prospects. Your best bet is to give the prospect the product’s feature and why it will fill their needs. Anything beyond this will be too much information.

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