How to Find Online Free Surveys You Get Paid For

There are thousands of online surveys being made every week. They are easy to find. The problem is, most of these surveys pay nothing or practically nothing. For people interested in making money, the question is, “How do you find online free surveys you get paid for?”

For survey takers seeking income, survey makers can be divided into roughly three categories, those that: 1. Pay in cash or equivalent, 2. Sometimes (maybe) pay in cash or near cash and 3. “Pay” only with discounts on purchases or with hearty handshakes!

There are many different pay plans and the dividing lines on the above categories can be a bit fuzzy, but the conceptual differences are useful. To make money you want ps5 for sale to apply only to survey makers in the 1st category (about 30% of the total), with maybe an occasional “fling” at higher-ranking ones in the 2nd category.

So how can you tell which is which? How can you find the survey makers that will steer you to online free surveys you get paid for? The choices are: trial and error testing, “free” directory sites, advice of trusted friends or paid survey sites that charge a membership fee.

1. Trial and error testing.┬áSign up with all you can find, Weed Strains take all the surveys offered, weed out those that your experience shows you don’t pay. This is workable, but takes time and a lot of effort. Probably at least 7 out of every 10 survey makers you sign up with will have to be weeded out.

2. “Free” directory sites. These advertise heavily and offer free lists of survey makers. Remember TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!). Most of these are promoting survey makers in the 2nd and 3rd categories above, to get the referral fees they pay for referring new recruits to them.

So you tend to get those that pay the highest referral fees, not those that pay in cash. Very few of those in the 1st category pay referral fees, so you are Weed Delivery not likely to find them that way.

3. Trusted friends. If you know someone who takes surveys for the money and they tell you that XYZ company paid them cash survey fees, this is a good way to know that XYZ company is in the 1st category. Get your application in to that company.

4. Paid survey sites. These membership sites maintain lists of good survey makers. For a small one-time membership fee they will share their lists with you. You make the membership fee back with the money you receive from 2-3 paid surveys. Some of these paid survey sites are good, others not so good.

To pick a good paid survey site look for a strong guarantee and a low refund rate. You want one with a strong money-back guarantee backed up by a bank or finance company such as PayPal or ClickBank. This guarantee means that you won’t lose any money and that the site is serious, stands behind its service.

Most important, pick a site with a low refund rate under their Glock for Sale guarantee. A low refund rate means many happy customers who got their money’s worth of service and were pleased with the results. A high refund rate means many unhappy clients were demanding their money back.

Look for a refund rate in the 3-6% range (ideal). Avoid any paid survey site with a refund rate that is either unknown or is at 9.0% or higher. (To see refund rates and more details on this, you can follow the links below.)

A paid survey site with a strong guarantee and a low refund rate is your best bet for finding many survey makers in the 1st category who will send you online free surveys you get paid for. They have an incentive to perform for you and make sure that you make money.

When you start making money, you are happy and won’t demand your money back, so they get to keep your membership fee. They have every incentive to try their very best to make sure you find plenty of online free surveys you get paid for, make money and are happy!

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