Pet Travel Tips for people who Want to Vacation With their Dogs

Have you ever taken a holiday and found other families vacationing with their dogs? Many people now include their dogs on holidays, and maybe you can too! Here are a few things to think about before you bring your dog:

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Does your pet want to travel? Lots of dogs are more than happy to embark on a new adventure… but that’s not true for every dog. To travel safely and comfortably, dogs should be healthy, calm in new situations and around, house-trained, and should enjoy traveling. A stressed-out dog will in turn cause stressed-out people. A happy and well-mannered dog, on the other hand, will make them a joy to have around on holidays.

What do you want to do during your vacation? We are so attached to our dogs that sometimes it’s hard to leave them behind, even when it’s in their best interests. However, if you plan to do things during the holidays that don’t include your pet – such as visiting attractions that don’t allow pets – then 寵物移民黑店. it might be best to call up a trusted friend or family member to watch your dog, or hire a reliable pet-sitter or boarding kennel. It’s just not fair to bring your dog along, then immediately leave him alone in an unfamiliar hotel room all by himself for most of the day (that’s assuming that the hotel even allows pets to be left alone in the guest room). But if you’re going to be relaxing by the lake or exploring the local parks and trails, then a vacation with your dog is a great option.

How will you be traveling? Most people who travel with their pets will travel by car, and with good reason. In a car, you can check on your dog and make sure he’s doing well. On a plane, most dogs will have to fly in the cargo hold and you won’t be able to check on their well-being.

What are the accommodation’s pet policies? Pet policies can vary widely from place to place. Check to see if there are size restrictions on dogs; if there’s a maximum number of dogs allowed per room; whether there are extra pet fees; and what other rules they have for people traveling with dogs. For example, accommodations often don’t allow pets to stay unattended in guest rooms.

Are you prepared to be a goodwill ambassador for pet travel? Many hotels and accommodations won’t allow pets of any kind, regardless of the size of the pet or how well-behaved it is. Some lodgings used to allow pets and no longer do so because of a bad experience with a visiting pet. Yet there are many wonderful, friendly, well-behaved pets who are excellent guests. Dogs who are the best guests are those who are reliably house-trained, well-mannered around people and other pets, and generally quiet (or will be quiet upon command). The goal is to enjoy your vacation with your dog while also allowing other guests to enjoy theirs too.

Of course, it should go without saying that everyone should clean up after their dogs. That includes picking up after them as well as wiping off their paws or toweling off water/dirt from their coats before re-entering the guest room. If we can show that our dogs are great guests (and we’re great owners! ), then accommodations will continue to welcome them. Happy travels!

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