Recipes for skin care at home using spices

Have you ever thought about the fact that back in times , there were no cosmetics products for makeup or skin care? Nevertheless women of that times had perfect skin and makeup for makeup they made by themselves. They looked so beautiful because they were aware of some amazing secrets to ingredients that are available in every kitchen. We are now aware of these secrets and we are ready to reveal them to you.

What are the spices that can be used in beauty purposes?

We were conditioned to believe that spices were only created to make appetizing dishes However, now we understand that they are also used for making our skin beautiful without spending a lot of money on expensive cosmetics. Spices contain many antioxidants that offer a delicious flavor and flavor as well as beneficial qualities. When you mix these ingredients with the correct ones and regularly buy turmeric soap apply it to your skin, then you’ll see amazing results. Spices make your skin beautiful without any harm or side effects. They’re so gentle that can be applied even to skin that is sensitive. There is no need to purchase expensive cosmetics when you are able to make them at home and know they’re safe.

Recipes for skin care at home using spices


The anti-oxidant found in turmeric is known as curcumin. It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. If it is ingested, it purifies our blood and helps keep our skin healthy from the inside. It’s extremely effective in the fighting free radicals. Your skin appears younger, it’s more healthy and youthful. Also it gives the possibility to prevent or get rid of all kinds of blemishes and inflammations.

Beauty recipes using turmeric

  1. Apply turmeric paste or powder (it is available in both forms) and mix it with sandalwood powder. Apply it on your face. It’s highly effective if you suffer from pimples, acne or spots. It will cool your skin and is ideal to use this mask in the summer as you’ll experience double benefits. When you apply this mask systematically, your complexion will get more radiant.
  2. If you need to receive the whitening effect of the skin and to eliminate dead cells, then you should mix milk, lemon juice turmeric and flour and to apply this paste on your skin. Wait until it dries up and then cleanse your skin. It has a wonderful peeling effect.
  3. If you want to eliminate facial hair, then you should mix turmeric powder and lemon juice. However, you must be cautious when you have an allergy to lemon.


Cinnamon is an excellent choice for those looking to receive smooth tone of skin and forget about pimples because this spice has anti-bacterial effect.

Beauty recipes using cinnamon

  1. If you have a problem of loss of hair, make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder in equal amounts and rub this paste on your scalp. leave it for at least 30 minutes, and then wash your hair thoroughly.
  2. If you’re suffering from a problem with pimples then you must make an exfoliating paste made from honey and cinnamon powder. apply it to any problem areas for about 20 minutes. The pimples and small scars that appear after the paste will be completely removed.
  3. If you need to lose weight then boil the mixture of cinnamon and honey. consume it in the morning and in the evening before sleep. It is a great way to burn fat within your body.


In the past, clove was utilized by dentists to obtain anti-bacterial benefits. It is present in composition of a variety of soaps and other cleansing products and is highly effective in treatment of pimples. It gives your skin an appealing tone and cleanses your pores with ease.

Recipes for beauty using clove

  1. If you are suffering from pimples or acne, you must make the paste using clove and fullers earth powder and mix in rose water to it. This paste can be applied on your face and let it sit for ten minutes. There won’t be any irritation or itching as the skin is calmed.
  2. Apply the clove paste to problematic places (on pimples) prior to going to bed and then remove it at dawn. This treatment will eliminate pimples or help diminish them.


Pepper increases blood circulation, which is beneficial to skin as it helps to make it look younger and keeps it from aging prematurely and is beneficial to hair and scalp, because it encourages hair growth. If you’re sensitive skin, you should stay clear of it as it can cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Beauty recipes using pepper

  1. If you’d like to dry up the pimples then you should apply black pepper on these troublesome areas.
  2. To cure hair loss and enhance your hair’s appearance, you should combine curd and pepper. Apply this treatment on your hair for 30 minutes, and then wash it with shampoo. Your hair will look healthy and will grow faster.

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